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Introduction to Chew Valley Junior Badminton Club

Chew Valley Junior Badminton Club was started in 2010 by Gene Joyner to provide an opportunity for children and young people to learn to play badminton and be coached. The aim is to provide a natural progression into the adult Chew Valley Badminton Club which has teams that compete in the North Somerset and Bristol leagues. The club is affiliated to Badminton England and now boasts 2 level 2 coaches and 6 level 1 coaches. Several members play for Avon County Badminton Association and play for the Adult Club in North Somerset and Bristol league matches. The club is fully insured by Badminton England and continues to flourish and expand.

Training Information

Training Sessions        Tuesday Evenings        Saturday Mornings
                                   6-7pm and 7-8pm       9-10am, 10am-11am and 11am-12 noon 

Coaching Team            Lynne Joyner - level 2           Will Mellersh - level 2

                                   Gene Joyner – level 1             Liz Whitmarsh - level 1

                                   Callum Riordan - level 1         



Introduction to Chew Valley Senior Badminton Club


Chew Valley Senior Badminton Club has been in existence for many years. There are currently three mixed teams in the North Somerset League as well as a Men’s team; this latter introduced to give the more advanced members of the Junior Club experience of match play. The aim is to encourage participation and a range of standards is catered for.


Prospective new members are always welcome.


Playing Information

Senior Club Nights  

Tuesday evenings 8pm to 10pm, September to July


Ladies Club

Thursday evenings from 8pm to 10pm, September to July


Mixed and Mens' home matches 

Chew Valley Leisure Centre, Chew Lane, BS40 8QB

Fridays 7pm to 9.30pm

Thursdays 8pm to 10pm

Ladies' home matches (Bristol league) 

Chew Valley Leisure Centre, Chew Lane, BS40 8QB

Tuesday evenings from 8pm until 10pm

Away Matches              Varies



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